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From the Owner: William ‘Sport’ Richmond



I’m William Richmond, President of Richmond Mechanical Incorporated.


I have been doing heating and air conditioning for longer than I care to remember (33+ years). Most of that time has been as an employee for other contractors, but in July of 2010 I decided to follow my heart and go out on my own. See, I love what I do, but this industry has evolved into a sales first approach and being a Christian I tend to think of others first (I put myself in the client’s position). They wanted me to sell over repair because that is what’s best for the company not always for the client. Long story short I left the company I was working for and took a step of faith. It was just my youngest brother, myself, and an old truck back then, but having God in control of the company (He does a much better job than I), He has blessed me with 20 employees, 12 trucks, and we’re still growing. I am also fortunate enough to have two brothers and two sons as part of this crew.


We at Richmond Brothers Mechanical understand the importance of our customers. Our motto is “where service meets integrity.” I let the guys know that it means you always do the right thing even if no one is there to see it. Our success is a testament that if you treat the customers right that they will do the same for you, and they do! We continue to grow because of our customer retention and their referrals. You see I also do not have a sales person (other than our clients). Who better? Thank you for that!

If you are not satisfied with your current HVAC provider and prefer a straight honest approach then please give us a try.

Thank you for your interest and have a blessed day!


William Richmond


P.S. I also have a crazy nickname of “Sport.” I tell you this because a lot of our clients will tell people to call Sport Richmond and it confuses some when I answer the phone William. We are the same guy 😊

Why Choose Us?

We provide a wide range of services that covers expert installation, repairs, preventative maintenance, and indoor air quality. We have a group of trained technicians, who are responsible to perform the installation, ensuring neatness and tidiness after the completion of the work.


We believe that properly installed equipment is more efficient and operates effectively as it is installed by our trained technicians. We consider that an expert installation followed by good customer service is the key to success that helps in developing long-lasting relationships with our customers. Our major services include the following:

HVAC installation, Geothermal Systems, Ductless Minisplits systems, HVAC repair and preventive maintenance, HVAC designs in commercial and residential projects, Dual Fuel Installation Service, Financing.

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